Seven Chakra Crystal Necklace - Help With Yoga, Reiki Healing and Chakra Balancing

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These Chakra balancing necklaces are one of the best items made for the meditation and spiritual community. Designed with 7 different crystals that each help heal and balance one of the seven Chakras in the human energy body. Wearing one of these will help balance your energy making you more calm, connected with nature and more open to the world. They are a great gift for anyone who is into Reiki, Yoga or any spiritual practice. Get one now and start balancing your Chakras now.

Product Specs

  • Real crystals used to cleanse chakras.
  • Helps boost feelings of happiness, connectedness and overall positivity.
  • Great for any Reiki, Yoga or Spiritual Practices.
  • Free shipping worldwide for every order.