Supernatural-Based Pendant Necklace

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Finally, a necklace that is sure to make Sam and Dean proud. These Supernatural-inspired necklaces have a pentagram, a silver wing and a witch bottle as a pendant. They are sure to be a completely unique gift that is sure to please every fan of the show. Made with iron and silver plated, they are sturdy and won't tarnish no matter the monster you are hunting. Get one now and start up the family business again!

Product Specs

  • Supernatural-Inspired Pendant.
  • Contains A Pentagram (For Protection), A Silver Angel Wing And A Witch Bottle.
  • Silver Plated Wings To Not Tarnish
  • Free Shipping On Every Order.

Item Size

Chain Length: 57cm
Bottle: 26.5mm x 13.5mm
Star: 29mm x 25mm
Wing: 5cm x 1.6cm