Chloraine Removing Organic Water Saving Shower Head Filter

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Turn your shower into a hot spring spa with the Chloramine Shower Filter and treat your skin, hair, and tired muscles to a healing shower. The Chloramine Shower Filter contains 4 different types of nano ceramic balls to create this healthy experience including Germanium, Medical Stone and Tourmaline. Unlike regular shower heads where rust and hard water build-up are unavoidable, the Chloramine Shower Filter is rust-free & free from hard water build-up. Why spend time and fortune buying replacement filters? The Chloramine Shower Filter comes with nano-ceramic technology that work for a lifetime. Therefore, there is no need of buying a replacement filter.

Chlorine exposure present in water can cause physical fatigue, mental depression, and a lowered autoimmune function, making it harder for your body to ward off infectious diseases and allergic reactions. A Chloramine shower filter will get rid of those harsh vapours, strengthening your immune system and leaving your mind truly invigorated.

Note: Filter removes 98% Chloramine, stopping Odor, Bacteria, Chlorine inhalation and  Parasites.

Product Specs: 

  • Removes 98% Of Chloramine.
  • Prevents Odor From The Shower. 
  • Helps Prevent Physical & Mental Fatigue & Depression.
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