Camera Slider Dolly & Magic Arm

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A revolutionary adjustable brand new aluminium based DSLR Dolly kit skater, designed to make taking high quality video that much easier.

Product Specs:

  • The main body is made of high quality metal made to be strong enough to carry 5 DSLR Cameras at once.
  • Industrial grade anodized aluminum used throughout the build process.
  • As a result this dolly slider is highly durable and strong, whilst at the same time being lightweight and movable.
  • Sealed bearings on all sides of each wheel.
  • Adjustable screws on every quarter inch adapter, allowing you to connect your camera to the magic arm.
  • Quarter inch holes which makes you able to install camera at the front, back or over the body of the slider.
  • The angle can be adjusted by 210 degrees with an integrated lock option.
  • Included: 1 Dolly Slider + 11 inch Magic Arm
  • Watch the video below to see how this works.