USB Power Dual-Purpose LED Jellyfish Desk Lamp

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Why have a boring old desk or dark room and struggle with finding the light switch. These USB night lights can be switched on by squishing them with your hands and are not only very satisfying to turn on but watching them glow is relaxing enough to send any baby to sleep. Made from ABS materials to be safe and not contain any chemicals, this eco-friendly lamp is the perfect accessory to brighten up anyone's office or day. Bulbs included and guaranteed to keep you staring at the mesmerising jellyfish glow for hours on end.  

Product Specs: 

  • Funky Jellyfish Desk Lamp.
  • Can Be Used As A Nightlight Or A Great Accessory Next To A Fishtank! (DO NOT PLACE IN ACTUAL FISHTANK!)
  • USB Power Dual-Purpose LED Jellyfish Desk Lamp.
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