Super Loud Trumpet Air Horn

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The super loud trumpet car horn will be very helpful with the safety of every motorist, this will allow you to loudly remind or warn someone ahead or across that your vehicle is incoming. Once you push that horn button and the air trumpet emits it super loud sound then this will definitely waken those tired and sleepy drivers you’re traveling along with on the road. Keeping not only you but also them safe from any accidents. This horn has a similar sound to train horns but very convenient to install even on small vehicles. It can also be used as an added accessory for your vehicle.

Loud Car Horn Specifications:

  • Chrome Plated Zinc Trumpets Material To Avoid Corrosion
  • Trumpet Length 430MM
  • DB Output >130-150Db
  • Compatible With 12V/24V Vehicle
  • Damage-Proof Packaging On All Orders For Product Security
  • Free Delivery Worldwide And Friendly Customer Service Response Within 24 Hours On All Enquiries

User Guide:

The air trumpet is very easy to install, there is no need for complicated air system. And compatible with any type of vehicle. We also have LED DRL & Door Light. Just Visit us online and enjoy your shopping at Kitseek!