Contact Us & FAQs

How Can I Track My Order?

When the item is shipped, you will be sent an email (or a message on Messenger if you opt for Messenger updates) that will contain your tracking number and a link to our customer tracking system

How Do I Change The Currency To My Countries Currency?

The currency by default is set to US Dollars and automatically changes to match your country. However, if the automatic currency changer is not working, on the header of the page by the menus you will be able to see a currency box to the right. If it says USD then click it and change it to your currency of choice.

What Happens If I Don't Receive My Shipping Confirmation?

There are multiple reasons for this:

1. The email address provided was not correct and so the confirmation was sent to the wrong address.
2. Our email may have been incorrectly sent to the junk inbox in your emails.
3. The item is still being processed for shipment. If it has been a while, please contact the team at


Why is it that I have ordered two products at the same time and only one has arrived?

Depending on the items ordered, the products have likely been shipped independently from one another and so will arrive at different times. The items should arrive at maximum within a week from one another. If this is not the case, please contact the team at

How can I contact the KitSeek Team?

We are happy to receive emails from all of our current or future customers! Please feel free to contact us at and the team will reply to you as soon as possible (usually within 24 hours).