7 Stone Charka Balancing Necklace Pendant

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The Chakra necklace is another addition to our stunning Chakra collection that also includes the bracelets. Ancient oriental verbs suggest that wearing each of the stones activates the powerful energy system inside of all of us including clarity, focus, improved mood and the most powerful impact of all: The Chakra healing process. All we know is these look incredibly good and make us feel good at the same time!

About 7 Chakra Stone:

Amethyst (Purple Stone) - This is the stone of spirituality and contentment. This stone balances energies of the intellectual, emotional and physical bodies, bestowing stability, strength, invigoration and peace while assisting in the assimilation of new ideas.

Lapis Lazuli (Dark Blue Stone) - The Lapis Lazuli helps one to enjoy each moment and to release discord from one's life, allowing for progression toward perfection while facilitating the acceptance of responsibility and stimulating ones compass within.

Blue Turquoise (Turquoise Stone) - Associated with fertility, flow and growth. This stone conveys the goddess energy within and enhances perception, discernment, creativity and self-expression. This stimulates confidence and composure while assisting one in the total fulfillment of destiny.

Green King Stone (Green Stone) - Helps to regulate the physical, mental, emotional and intellectual cycles in ones life. This stone provides a shield of protection around the body, assists in the lessening of anger or jealousy and inspires happiness within the self.

Amber Resin (Amber Stone) -This bright Amber stone boosts confidence and personal power while simultaneously dissipating and transmuting negativity, allowing for clarification of problems. This clarity assists the wearer in acquiring wealth and maintaining wealth while stimulating openness to help smooth family or group problems.

Red Agate (Red Stone) - This stone awakens ones inherent talents, protects against envy, fear and rage while banishing sorrow. Found to increase connectedness with the spiritual worlds.

Tiger Eye (Brown Stone) - The stone of health helps to extract negative energy from the chakras, enhances commitment to others and to one's self. It attracts devotion and expressions of warmth and understanding from others, provides a protective influence and a calming stable vitality by bringing order to chaos.


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