ImagineAlbert Einstein Quote Poster

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Everybody knows that Einstein had one of the greatest minds in human history, so why not get one of the greatest posters in human history to show our appreciation for his genius. These decorative posters are made from the best quality Kraft paper commercially available, making them not only have a retro feel, but much more study than their ordinary paper poster counterparts. Having one of these in any room of the house not only adds humor to your day but also brings out feelings of respect for human advancement. Perfect for any one interested in physics or Einsteins theories.

Imagination Is More Important Than Knowledge Poster Specs:

  • Our Kraft Paper is Eco-Friendily sourced.
  • Size: 51cm x 36cm
  • No Petroleum ink used in any of our posters.
  • Kraft Paper of the highest industrial quality
  • FREE Worldwide Shipping.