LED Write-On Alarm Clock

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The new desk clock is here! At KitSeek we know how hectic life can be sometimes and you can never remember everything there is to remember without some help. That is why we are offering these stunning LED Backlight desk/bedside clocks. They not only show the time on a stunning LED Display, but they can also be written on with the pen provided to create little notes for your significant other, or for your memos in the office. Stunning to have in your room and not too bright to keep you up! 

If you're the type to need to charge their phone by their bed (we sure know we are), then these clocks also have 4 USB ports making charging easy and efficient. What are you waiting for, get one before they're gone. 

Product Specs:

  • Glass Material For Screen.
  • 138mm In Length. (117 x 64mm width & height)
  • Digital Clock Display.
  • 4 USB Ports.
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