The Finger Circle Game Mug

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Love memes and want to trick your friends? Then this mug is the perfect gift for you and your friends. It starts off completely black, but simply add hot water and watch the circle game symbol appear. The Circle Game is 'When someone tricks a friend into looking at they hands making a circle below the waist then the prankster gets to hit the friend for succeeding". 

Made from Porcelain, these eco-friendly mugs are a great fun way to catch out the friends and if you simply just want something to do while drinking tea, watch it change colour.  Don't buy more than one per house because the results of the circle game can be far too hectic.

Product Specs: 

  • Catch Your Friends Out With The Ultimate Circle Game Tool.
  • Made From Eco Friendly Porcelain.
  • Perfect Capacity For Tea & Coffee.
  • Purchase Today To Receive Free Insured Worldwide Shipping.