100% Cotton Outfit For Dogs | Puppy Costume Tee Shirts

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Cute, Funny & Cool "I Heart My Mommy & Daddy" Dog Costume for Your Pup!


Have you ever looked at your adorable dog or puppy and felt that the only way for them to be cuter is if you could dress them?

KitSeek is here to help! New matching 'I Love Daddy' and 'I Love Mommy' outfits. Made from 100% real cotton, they are not only guaranteed to be a comfortable fit for any size dog, but are guaranteed to make you find them even more adorable. Multiple colours and sizes available!

Nothing says I love you like getting your dog a cute little puppy costume. We've worked to design a number of colours and styles for your flurry friend.

Remember to get the right size!

Size guide for puppy tee shirt

Keep your pup walking in style this year. We have a number of designs and colors to choose from; Orange, Black and Grey - Choose your color and pick one up before they go out of stock!