Vintage Poster of Heath Ledger as The Joker in The Dark Knight

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Lover of Heath Ledgers performance or of Batman? These posters are for you! This vintage looking poster is made from Kraft paper of the best industrial quality to ensure it both feels durable and authentic. Hang one up in your Bat-Cave and complete the look of the room. Guaranteed to enhance the feel of any room. It is the perfect gift for any Batman or Joker fan so get one as soon as you can and watch the Dark Night Trilogy in style... with a kickass poster on your wall.

Product Specs:

  • We only use the strongest industrial Kraft paper available.
  • Three times more durable than ordinary posters.
  • Size: 51.5cm x 36cm 
  • No Petroleum ink used - Eco-Friendly.
  • FREE Worldwide Shipping.