LED Jellyfish Lamp Nightlight

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Need an office desktop lamp? Well here at KitSeek we have the most stunning gift for you. Our LED jellyfish aquarium night lights are the perfect piece of tech to have in your office or home. Designed to have the little mechanical Jellyfish to be floating around their little tank, it is as cute to watch as it is relaxing. Once you have one though you better watch out as if you have any children then they will be sneaking in your office just to check out your new cool gadget. Get one before they sell out!

Product Specs:

  • Safe LED Heat Prevention Night Light.
  • Low Energy Usage.
  • Provides A Highly Relaxing Glow & Style Allowing You To Unwind.
  • Colorful Aquarium Like Feel.
  • 2 AA Batteries Required [Not Included]
  • 0-5 Wattage.
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