The Lord Of Rings Ceramic Heat Changing Mugs

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Greetings from Middle Earth! Here at our little shop in the shire, we are giving away our lovely heat changing Middle Earth Mugs. Simply add in boiling water and watch this mug go from pure black all the way to a stunning and bright Map of Middle Earth. Any LOTR fans who also love tea or coffee should not go on without one. The power of Sauron grow stronger the longer we have these in sock so get one and begin your daily adventure with the best cuppa possible. 

Made from eco-friendly materials, this ceramic mug is sure to be a hit with anyone who has one. Get one and show it off with a friend or give as a gift to someone who is a massive Lord of the Rings fan.  

Product Specs: 

  • Made From Eco-Friendly, Reliably Sourced Materials.
  • The Perfect Gift To LOTR Fans.
  • Magically Changes From Plain Black To LOTR Themed Scenes!
  • Purchase Today To Receive Free Insured Worldwide Shipping.