Multipurpose Portable Vacuum Cleaner

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A Multi-functional portable vacuum cleaner which is also a car tire air pump, tire pressure gauge and can also be an emergency light which makes it the perfect tool for your vehicle. Whenever or wherever you got in to an emergency of having a flat tire you can use this portable cleaner, and if you feel like your car is already filled with dust and dirt you can use it as a vacuum cleaner and even lit up your trunk space with its built-in light for dark spaces.

Portable Cleaner Specifications:

  • Made From ABS Plastic Frequency Conversion Motor.
  • Powered By DC 12V Supply.
  • Weighing Only At 1.35Kg.
  • Dimension Of 4.5*5.5*13.5Inch
  • Damage-Proof Packaging On All Orders For Product Security.
  • Free Delivery Worldwide And A Friendly Customer Service Response Within 24 Hours On All Enquiries.

Features And Precautions:

This portable multi-functional vacuum cleaner has a double motor which generates 80W vacuum power and 100W inflation power. It has the purpose of a wet and dry vacuum also, with various nozzles and extended hose to clean up different locations. A full copper movement to extend it life. Need more Techitems? Or other unique gifts? Visit online and enjoy your shopping at Kitseek!