Music Travel Neck Pillow

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It’s time to pamper yourself and have the most rewarding and relaxing and comfortable way of resting but at the same time listening to your favorite music. This U type pillow is characterized by a beautiful appearance and long term use benefits you with a protection of health from cervical spine problem since it has a memory rebound foam pillow which supports your head and your neck firmly.

 Comfy Music Pillow Specifications:

  • Made From 100% Polyester And Memory Foam Pillow.
  • U-Shape Style Neck Pillow.
  • Weighing Only At 0-0.5KG
  • With Built-In Speakers On the Side.
  • Damage-Proof Packaging On All Orders For Product Security.
  • Free Delivery Worldwide And A Friendly Customer Service Response Within 24 Hours On All Enquiries.

Product Function:

You can use it daily in the office, leisure (such as: to operate a computer, see television and long-distance travel, etc.) it will provide the support your head and neck needs for a long time to maintain a fixed posture and avoid any cause of spinal strain. It can also enable drivers to adjust the degree to 15-20. We also have Funky Cushions, Fluffy slippers and Cute Plush Toys to choose from by visiting our online store. Enjoy shopping at Kitseek!