Pink Rainbow Unicorn Handbag For Women

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Need a new handbag but don't want a plain one? These unicorn handbags are anything but plain. Made using real unicorn powers (and Polyester) they are both durable and amazing to look at. They show a cute pink unicorn with rainbow hair in a field of flowers... ADORABLE RIGHT? They are strong enough to be used as a shopping bag and contain a zipper in case you ever want to put your valuables in and want to make sure they don't go flying out. They are a great gift for anyone who loves unicorns and are sure to put a smile on any unicorn lovers face.

Product Specs

  • Polyester bag to be strong enough to hold all your items.
  • Great for shopping, trips to the beach or general use.
  • Zipper to help secure contents.
  • Free shipping with every order (protected using unicorn magic)