Push Up Bar Stand

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This push up bars is a simple tool that makes push-ups more challenging, allowing you to get more out of every repetition. Simple elevated push up bars increase your height, range of motion and the difficulty of your workout while protecting your wrists. Even as a beginner you will outperform the regular push up to improve your form and strengthen your muscles, and as your strength improves, so will your workouts.

Detachable Push Up Bars Specifications:

  • 100% Brand New And High Quality
  • Ergonomically Designed For Wrist Protection
  • Lightweight & Easy To Disassemble
  • Made From Durable PVC bars
  • With Four Corners Ground Stability
  • Damage-Proof Packaging On All Orders For Product Security
  • Free Delivery Worldwide And Friendly Customer Service Response Within 24 Hours On All Enquiries

User Guide:

To use the push-up bars, place them on the floor in the same spot that you put your hands during a push-up. Grip the handles and perform a push-up as you normally would. If you can't do regular push-ups, you can simply drop your knees to the ground and do push-ups from that position. We also have Power belt & Hook straps. Enjoy your shopping at Kitseek!