Scratch-Off World Map Poster for Travellers

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The world scratch off map is a great way for travellers to test and see how much of the world they have actually been! (Chances are its less than you think!) All you need to do is whenever you visit a specific country then instead of ticking it off on a boring list, you just scratch it off from your map which you can stick to the world or keep with you as a constant scorecard of where you have been.

Product Specs: 

  • Bright Colors Revealed Behind The Scratch-able Material.
  • Easy To Scratch Off (Although Russia Might Take A While).
  • Gold Layered Top Foil Material.
  • Highly Personalised To Where You Have Been.
  • Great Travel Gift To Anyone Looking To Keep Track Of Where They Have Been.
  • Sizing: 82cm by 58cm. 
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