Portable Cardboard Smartphone Projector

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We all know the struggles with having a small screen when you want to show your friend something funny on your phone. Not only is it hard but they may even go through your phone when you aren't looking (breaking every smartphone rule!). Well with these portable projectors, you will never have these issues again! Simply place your phone in the projector and face it against a wall so you can show all your friends that funny cat video all at once! If you're more into sharing photos then you can simply project your old photos from your phone onto a big wall and watch through them and remember the great times! These Smartphone projectors will never cease to amaze so start being amazed right now! Ever asked the question where can i buy a smartphone projector? Well you've found the place!

Product Specs:

  • Unique Way To Display!
  • Silver Foiled Finish.
  • Lightweight & Easy To Assemble & Dissemble.
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