Special Elastic Tennis Ball

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Besides the obvious use of a Tennis Ball, for moving your opponent around the tennis court, you may also think of using it to play fetch with your dog. But do you know that you can use Tennis Balls for many beneficial exercises, such as grip strengthening, foot massage, trigger point release, or juggling to improve your hand-eye coordination? You can Have a casual hit around on the hard court with the versatile single Tennis Ball, perfect your serve and volley with constant practice with this reliable single Tennis Ball. Great for exercise.

High Bounce Tennis Ball Specifications:

  • 100% Brand New And High Quality
  • Special No Line High Rebounce
  • Single Ball Only
  • Diameter Of 70MM
  • Weighing At 69G
  • Damage-Proof Packaging On All Orders For Product Security
  • Free Delivery Worldwide And Friendly Customer Service Response Within 24 Hours On All Enquiries

User Guide:

Tennis accessories can make or break your playing. And whether you’re a hardened pro or you’ve yet to pick up a racket, choosing a ball that fits your needs is an essential part of the game. You can also check our Training ball set Tennis bag. Enjoy shopping at Kitseek!