Easy Cheesy Stainless Steel Cheese Grinder

We have all experienced using a cheese grater and either accidentally grating our hands or struggling as the cheese breaks apart into hard-to-hold pieces. With this manual cheese grater, you simply put your block of cheese inside the tube and then twist and press it into the little fine pieces. Perfect for anybody who loves cooking and can be used to help show young kids how to cook without the risks of cutting themselves. A truly great product for every home. Get one now and never struggle to grate again! 

How To Use

  1. Remove the Top from the grater.
  2. Cut cheese pieces to fit into the grater.
  3. Place the cheese into the grater.
  4. Close the grater.
  5. Gentle apply a downward pressure while simultaneously rotating the grater.
  6. Enjoy the Easiest, Cheesiest meal.

     Product Specs

    • Metal: Stainless Steel.
    • Eco-friendly Manufacturing Process.
    • Safely Grates cheese.
    • Free Worldwide Insured Shipping.