Squishee the Swquishy Cactus - Cute Cactus Stress Ball

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Product Specs

  • Squishee The Cartoon Cactus Stress Remover.
  • Cute Cactus Design.
  • Strong Plush Material To Be Strong Enough To Handle Being Squeezed and Thrown.
  • Free Worldwide Shipping For Ever Order.

Have a stressful time during your day or simply love to squish things with your hands? These adorable little cactus plant squishy stress balls are the perfect thing for you. Made with durable plush to be strong enough to handle all the throwing and squeezing you can give them, they are the perfect item for any office or classroom. Made to look like an adorable little cartoon cactus, they are both cute yet fun to play with. Get one now and survive your long work day with your trusty friend by your side!