3D Printed Unicorn Travel Makeup Bag

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Love to travel or need a new bag for your make up? These adorable unicorn cosmetic bags are the perfect thing for the occasion. They are 3D printed and made of 100% Polyester to be not only durable but to feel amazing when you hold them. The zipper is made to be easy to use and to be strong enough to hold all the make up in the bag without bursting the seams. They are a great gift for anyone who loves their cosmetics and especially people who love their unicorns! Multiple designs available, but all of them are just as cute as the next...good luck deciding on your favorite, you're going to need it.

Product Specs

  • Adorable Unicorn designs guaranteed to boost your day and make you feel happy.

  • 100% Industrial quality Polyester to be as durable as possible.

  • Zipper to be easy to use.

  • Free Shipping worldwide with every order.