Vintage Kraft Rolling Stones Poster

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You can get some 'Satisfaction' with these Rolling Stones posters! Beautifully printed on Kraft Paper giving a slight 'Brown Sugar' tint to the item that is sure to 'Start Me Up' and will definitely do the same for any other fans. KitSeek were going to 'Paint It Black' but we decided the vibrant red was a much better choice. After all 'You Cant Always Get What You Want'. A perfect gift for any person so have 'Sympathy For The Devil' since he is not eligible. 'It's Only Rock 'n Roll' so get one as soon as possible!  

Product Specs:

  • Made using durable Kraft paper to last.
  • Size: 51.5cm x 36cm 
  • No Petroleum ink.
  • Only eco-friendly materials used
  • FREE Worldwide Shipping.