Waist Twist Board Trimmer

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A twist board is a round platform on which you stand and perform exercises while twisting from side to side, a twist board works core muscles involved in maintaining balance. You can find twist boards at some gyms, or you can purchase one to use at home. Exercising on a twist board can help strengthen muscles in these areas by engaging the muscles to help you balance, even as you perform exercises to focus on other specific areas of the body. This exercise targets the oblique muscles, the muscles at the sides of your torso. A perfect equipment for toning those hips and waist.

Effective Waist Aerobic Board Specifications:

  • Load Bearing Capacity Of 90Kg
  • Diameter Of 26.5Cm
  • And Thickness Of 3.5Cm
  • With Included Cord Pull
  • Damage-Proof Packaging On All Orders For Product Security
  • Free Delivery Worldwide And Friendly Customer Service Response Within 24 Hours On All Enquiries

How To Use?

Stand on the twist board, and balance. Hold the cord pull on your side in order to maintain balance. Twist your torso 45 degrees to the left, and hold for 10 seconds. Return facing forward. Repeat the movement to the right. We also have AB Roller & resistance band. Enjoy shopping at Kitseek!