World War II Battleship Models Vintage Poster

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Do you love World War 2 History or battleships? This poster shows various different battleships from the World War 2 era and is designed to have a vintage feel from the period. Stunningly printed on thick Kraft paper so that it is strong and durable while looking like a fitting addition to your collection of items from that era. When placed in a room it will not only add a sense of awe and power, but it will show an appreciation of the craftsmanship needed during the war. It really is an awe-inspiring gift that is perfect for any and all historians and lovers of battleships from the WW2 era.

Product Specs:

  • Old-school poster materials (Kraft Paper).
  • Durable and dense industrial materials used.
  • Size: 51.5cm x 36cm
  • Eco-friendly.
  • FREE Worldwide Shipping.